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Dispatchable solar power below 6 €ct/kWh: Current market and technology trends

9. Workshop Solarthermische Kraftwerke „Solare Regelenergie für unter 6 ct/kWh – Aktuelle Markt- und Technologie-Trends“

Host: EnergyAgency.NRW in cooperation with the DLR e.V., the Cluster Energy Research NRW and Rhein Ruhr Power e.V.
Place: Technologiezentrum Jülich, Karl-Heinz-Beckurts-Str. 13, 52428 Jülich
Time: 20/03/2018, 13:00 - 16:00 p.m.
Fee: 75, - € plus 19% VAT, concessions 50, - € plus 19% VAT for members of the network Kraftwerkstechnik NRW. Free admission for students, retirees, members of the university, staff of authorities and the organizer




The market price for solar thermal electricity nearly halved with-in the past twelve months. Industry and research experts expect that this price development will lever commercial applications of solar thermal power plants to a global breakthrough.

Several new projects around the world have already offered to provide predictable and dispatchable power at competitive prices in a near future, partially as a combination of concentrated solar power (CSP) and photovoltaic (PV). The new price situation will most probably influence the energy strategy of countries in the world's sunbelt. Today, China is spearheading the countries which are aiming to expand their CSP capacities.

The 9th workshop of the workgroup Solar Thermal Power Plants within the Network Power Plant Technology North-Rhine Westphalia takes place in parallel to a SolarPACES Executive Commit-tee Meeting, representing 19 nations that are collaborating in the field of CSP under the umbrella of the International Energy Agency (IEA). This offers the chance to experience high-level executives presenting on CSP, PV, and wind energy in their countries or regions. Their perspectives will be supplemented by presentations from representatives of the German CSP branch.

The conference language will be English. Following the presentations there will be the opportunity to visit the premises of the Juelich Solar Tower plant and the new high-flux solar simulator Synlight. Details are shown in the following program overview.




1:00 pm           
Registration and lunch snack

1:30 pm           
Welcome and introduction
Prof. Dr. Robert Pitz-Paal, DLR

1:50 pm           
CSP cost reduction in Abu Dhabi - Creating the right framework
Abdulaziz Alobaidli, Shams Power Company

2:10 pm           
CSP-PV hybrid power plants - A pathway to full competitiveness in Morocco
Hicham Bouzekri, Masen

2:30 pm           
CSP in China: Industry built-up and project implementation
Z. Wang, Chinese Academy of Science

2:50 pm           
Coffee break

3:10 pm           
The surge of cheap solar and wind and the role of wind and solar in Europe
Cédric Philibert, International Energy Agency

3:30 pm           
Cost reduction of large scale implementation of wind and solar in Europe
Stefan Petermann, Innogy SE

3:50 pm           
e-TES -  An Electrical Energy Storage System with Molten Salt
Dr. Rainer Faatz, TSK Flagsol

4:10 pm           
German industry active in CSP
Dr. Joachim Krüger, German Association for CSP

4:30 pm          
Prof. Dr. Bernhard Hoffschmidt, DLR

4:50 pm          
End of presentations

4:50 pm           

4:50 pm           
Visit of the premises of the Juelich Solar Tower plant
(about 45 min)

4:50 pm           
Visit of Synlight facility
(about 30 min)

Please note that a separate registration for the visit of the facilities is required.



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